The New Range of STELLAR Racing Skis

The latest generation of brand new designs just arrived and are here for you to DEMO.


See you at the Sussex Classic’23!


(Please Note: the photos are to show the main characteristics – actual colours are will vary.)

Click sections below for detailed Specs.


The newest generation of this Elite, superfast elite ski, a lethal weapon in the right hands! Amazingly fast and surprisingly stable – if you know what you’re doing! De Brito Bailer. 6.195m x 41cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg



The brand new Eagle features a refined ergonomic seat, narrower footplate, redesigned gunwales for a tighter catch and a low-volume cockpit. This up-to-the moment racing machine combines blazing speed with inherent stability for the powerful advanced to elite paddler. De Brito race bailer. 6.3m x 43.8cm – Ultra – Full Carbon construction, about 10.5kg

Stellar Eagle 2023


New Model Intermediate ski. Great stability and manoeuvrability with a surprising turn of speed, great on the waves! De Brito Bailer. 5.95m x 47.5cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg

Stellar Falcon


This new model of 18 has been redesigned for more speed with solid stability designed in. A really comfortable ride on a light efficient hull for cruising or racing. Double Venturi. 5.84m x 51.2cm – Excel construction, about 11.5kg

Stellar S18SX

S2E Racing Double Ski

The Stellar Elite Double (S2E) Surf Ski will have you smiling, designed for true ocean conditions. The stability inherent in the design gives you the confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed, 7.5m x 48cm – Excel construction 18kg.

Stellar S2E Double