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We’re excited about the STELLAR surfski range and want you to find out out why!

Surfski.WALES is celebrating the new STELLAR designs and classics.

We’re excited about the STELLAR surfski range and want you to find out out why!

So Surfski.WALES’ Stellar Sale is offering EXTRA discount on in-stock brand new SEIs and SRs models and demos when you order through us !

Now is the time to get a bargain on these models!

Visit the STELLAR UK website where our Spring Sale is offering a 15% discount on all SEI and SR models.

CLICK on the model below for more detailed Spec on the official Stellar UK website. All the skis described below are available and in-stock, either here in Pembrokeshire or at our warehouse in Nottingham. Note: The photos are generic and may not show the available colours – see what’s in stock here: STELLAR UK Inventory

SEA – Stellar Elite Assassin

Elite, superfast racing ski, unusually stable for an elite lethal weapon, in the right hands! U18 men Gold European Ski Champs 2022, U18 men Silver – Ski Worlds 2022! Comes with 9″ race rudders. 6.195m x 41cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg



Our 2023 advanced/elite ski for the powerful paddler with a brand new low volume cockpit, ergonomic seat and completely new narrow footplate for tighter catch. The new generation hull has been designed from the ground up with 43.8cm beam and assures solid secondary stability for you to keep pumping it and catching runners when the going gets rough.  6.3m x 43.8cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg Ultra (full-carbon) about 10kg

Stellar Eagle 2023


New Model Intermediate ski now with Two Cockpit SizesSM for more control and power when racing and Standard for the more ‘relaxed’ fit! Great stability and manoeuvrability with an exhillarating turn of speed, and great for catching waves. 5.95m x 47.5cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg

Stellar Falcon

SEI – Stellar Elite Intermediate

Fast intermediate. Enjoy keeping on laying down the power as the SEI  stays stable, predictable and fast when the going gets rough!  6.1m x 46cm – Excel construction – 11.5kg, or Advantage – 14.5kg

Stellar Elite Intermediate

SR – Stellar Racer

Intermediate ski. Stable and easy to paddle with a slippery, competitive, and very well behaved hull shape. An ideal choice for clubs and surfski centres. 5.85m x 48cm – Excel construction – 11.5kg, or Advantage – 14.5kg

SR Stellar Racer


New model, Entry to Intermediate level. Solid stability designed in, combined with its easily driven hull for racing, cruising, and fun, trouble-free downwinds. Comes with under-stern rudder as standard. 5.48m x 51.2cm – Excel construction about 11.5kg

Stekkar S18S-X

S2E – Stellar Double Elite

Fast, full-volume double ski with speed and stability designed in. Ideal for serious racing on the ocean, or for coaching novices to higher levels.7.5m x 48cm – Excel construction, about 18kg

Stellar S2E Double

And – Coming Soon!

Osprey 18ft

The Expedition version of this Entry to Intermediate level ski, featuring fore and aft watertight hatches. Solid stability designed in, and a really efficient hull for cruising or racing. 5.484m x 51.2cm – Advantage construction, about 16kg

Osprey in Blue

Egret 18ft

The Egret is an efficient touring Sit-on-top with a very stability and predictable hull, a stable platform with easy access storage for your adventures. An ideal transition from decked kayak Sit-on-top surfski, the Egret has familiar features of deck rigging, compass mounts and oval fore and aft storage hatches. The super comfortable bucket seat is a huge benefit whether completing a stage race or exiting the boat after a long paddling session. 5.48m x 51.2cm – Advantage construction, about 16kg

Egret in red

Kingfisher 16ft

G2 of the S16S entry level ski with its updated comfortable, ergonomic seat and footwell to fit both short and tall paddlers.
Generous beam allows anyone to paddle this ski while the surprising speed of this hull and the modified rocker makes it easier to maneuver and handling waves. 4.95m x 57.5cm – Advantage construction, about 16.3kg

Kingifsher in blue

Marin Lanée (F) paddles a Stellar SEA to win!

Achieving U18 M Gold at the Europeans and U18 M Silver at the Worlds in 2022.

“The SEA is the ski I like best.” Marin Lanée

Marin Lanée Silver U23 M