STELLAR Demo Sale 2022

STELLAR Surfskis,

Paddles and Gear.

Try out STELLAR’s range of Surfskis & paddles, plus Baltic PFDs, at SURFSKI WALES’ newly established demo base.

The STELLAR Demo Surfski Sale 2022

End-of-season sale of Demo Skis as well as Brand New SEI’s and SRs. All old stock must go!

What Surfskis are on offer?

Please Note: the photos are of the actual available boats. Click sections below for detailed Specs


Stellar’s Elite, superfast racing ski, a lethal weapon in the right hands. A real flying machine! De Brito Bailer. 6.195m x 41cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg  Actual ski pictured below.

Stellar SEA long
SEA above


Fast intermediate. A competent paddler will find the SEI stable, fast and predictable, both on the flat and when the going gets rough. Double Venturi bailer. 6.1m x 46cm – Excel construction, about 11.5kg  Actual ski pictured below.

Stellar SEI


New Model Intermediate ski. Great stability and manoeuvrability with a surprising turn of speed, great on the waves. De Brito Bailer. 5.95m x 47.5cmExcel construction, about 11.5kg  Actual ski pictured below. THIS SKI IS NOW SOLD.

Stellar Falcon


Intermediate ski. Stable and easy to paddle with a slippery, competitive and very well behaved hull shape in all conditions. Double Venturi bailer. 5.85m x 48cm – Advantage construction, about 14.5kg. Actual ski pictured below.  

SR profile
SR plan


New model, entry to intermediate level. Solid stability designed in, as well as a really efficient hull for cruising or racing. Double Venturi bailer. 5.84m x 51.2cm – Sport construction, about 16.5kg Actual ski pictured below. 

S18S-X profile
S18S-X plan

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SEI Excel – Nov ’22 

Taking the SEI out for the first time in the real rough stuff, F 5-6, wind-against-tide, bunching up a long 5-6ft swell. I found the ski predictable, stable and fast, and felt secure and in control the whole time. FUN!